The Audio Connection Certified Stamp Guarantee

When you buy an Audio Connection Certified Trade In, you're buying with the confidence that over thirty years of experience brings. For every unit that comes into our store, we find out as much as possible about its history, check all the functions, inspect for any damage and perform a completeness check.

The Audio Connection Certified stamp guarantees your next pre-owned product comes with:

✔️ Comprehensive three month warranty*

✔️ Passed our checks for functionality

✔️ A full inspection noting for any defects

✔️ A full completeness check for all included parts and accessories

✔️ A full condition report on the unit including any repairs we've performed#

We do all this for you so you have the confidence in the product you're buying, so that you can focus on the music and the great value that pre-owned hi-fi brings.

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*Comprehensive warranty covers parts required by the unit to function at time of sale, and the labour required to fit them - i.e. we guarantee for 3 months that the product will work as you purchased it.

#A condition report will be provided with every pre-owned purchase from Audio Connection. 

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